Benefits of the treatment:

  • Increased Lymph and Blood Flow
  • Stress Relief and relaxation
  • Lowered Blood Pressure
  • Reduction of Chronic Pain
  • Stimulates blood and lymph flow
  • Speeds up metabolism & Boosts energy level
  • Reduction of chronic discomfort such as arthritis and muscle inflammation
  • Affordable monthly treatments
  • Minimal discomfort during the treatment

This type of massage is also known as cupping massage.  

Plastic or glass jars, as shown, are used to create a vacuum and suction drawing the surface skin slightly into the jars. Vacuum-cupping massage is used to drain excess fluids and toxins; stimulate the peripheral nervous system; bring blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin; and loosen adhesions, connective tissue and stubborn knots in soft tissue.

Vacuum massage is also effective in treating cellulite.  This ancient treatment is believed to originate in Tibet and is used by many cultures today.  Vacuum massage is very effective during pneumonia and for stubbing coughs.  

Pregnant women who don’t want to take antibiotics for flu may find it beneficial.


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