Indian Face Massage

(Facial rejuvenation)

It is designed to be a gentle non-invasive approach to looking younger. It works primarily by freeing constrictions both within the facial muscles and in the connective tissue. This technique does not involve any products (oils or creams) and is very relaxing. Tension can build up within our facial muscles from the pressures of everyday life without us realising it. It can be easy for certain thoughts and emotions to become habitual, locking themselves into expressions on our faces - sometimes over a duration of a whole lifetime. Under such conditions muscles can actually “dry up” and contract, inhibiting freedom of expression. This can encourage ageing and the formation of wrinkles as the face loses its muscle tone and elasticity and begins to sag.

Through gentle massage of the face, we can help to delay the ageing process. This is achieved by using simple massage techniques and energy balancing, thereby giving the facial muscles a lift and a new lease of life.

This is a precise healthcare modality, working the face systematically, releasing deep-seated tensions, freeing layers of muscle and connective tissue so that there is space for the muscles to relax, encouraging an opening so that micro circulation and elimination can begin again and the tissues can glide smoothly over the deeper layers of muscle and bone.

Although it is difficult to stave off the ageing process, we can do much to extend the appearance of youth and beauty by using simple, natural and effective massage techniques and energy balancing to take care of the assets we possess.

Benefits of Face Massage

● Mobile, youthful looking face.

●  Lessens wrinkles and expression lines.

●  Releases stress and tension of the surrounding muscles.

●  Positive, confident expression.

●  Relaxed face and vibrant appearance

●  Toned and improved complexion.

●  Enhances a feeling of well-being.

●  Promotes total relaxation.

●  Excellent for tension headaches, eyestrain, stress related symptoms.

What is it?

A non-surgical Face Lift, or Botox without the worrying injections of a deadly virus! This method of massage was also described as Face Yoga, and works on the notion that the muscles in your face and neck absorb as much stress as the rest of you.

 What can it do for me?

Massage increases circulation of oxygen and nutrients to the area. It helps combat problems areas such as crow’s feet and laughter lines and can slow down ageing. With regular treatments, wrinkles and expression lines disappear, skin becomes softer, the complexion and skin tone improve, bagginess, sagginess and puffiness are reduced, and the elasticity will return to your face. Facial Massage will also leave you feeling relaxed, as headaches and other tension and stress related symptoms float away.

Our clients comment that even after a single treatment the skin feels lifted and and plump.


You will not be hustled or pushed into buying anything at your first consultation. It is designed and designated to provide necessary knowledge and understanding of the treatment and the technology used to assist you in making your own decision. Children from 16 years of age can be treated at Laserina Clinic if it is recommended by their GP.


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