The world’s most successful, recognised and scientifically discovered Cellulite & Body re-shaping Treatment.

Benefits of the treatment:

  • Quick Visible Results
  • Smoother and Healthier Skin
  • Shapelier Natural Curves
  • Pleasant non-invasive Relaxing Treatment
  • Full Body Treatment
  • Purely natural and relaxing
  • Stimulates blood and lymph flow
  • Speeds up metabolism & Boosts energy level
  • Guaranteed Inch loss
  • NO injections, laser or surgery involved
  • Improvement of the skin texture
  • Affordable monthly treatments
  • Minimal discomfort during the treatment

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When it comes to inch loss and cellulite, we all want to find a miracle procedure to reduce it, well at Laserina clinic there is hope for all ….

Endermologie treatments prior to liposuction can be a good option. It prepares the tissues in the hypodermis for surgery ease's fat removal. The treatment significantly enhances successful results by increasing circulation, allowing connective tissue to be softened and assisting the body in its elimination of built-up toxins and medications from the system.

The doctors find that the effect of liposuction is magnified and pronounced. Post-liposuction treatments will: lengthen the connective tissue, reducing swelling and help restore proper circulation. Reduces post-op pain and facilitates smoothing of the areas treated. When your body goes through healing stages (usually up to 6 months) post-op, it has a tendency to hang onto fluid much more than normally.

Endermologie addresses this problem at it's source and helps the body release all those excess fluids, so you look and feel much better. Smooth out the irregularity in your skin after your liposuction. Bring down the swelling and bruising much faster. Contour the rest of the body that did not have surgery.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite results from a build-up of fat in the subcutaneous fat cells (adipocytes) and retention of water in the surrounding areas. As the adipocytes continue to grow, the envelops containing them lose their shape and pull on their cutaneous anchoring points, giving the skin its “orange peel” appearance. At this time, the main problem is that the process is self-sustaining as a result of a reduction in blood and lymph circulation. This causes the stagnation of the metabolic waste, nutritional impoverishment and congestion of the connective tissue, which loses its elasticity and becomes fibrous. This extremely unsightly condition results in cellulitic areas that are unresponsive to physical exercise and to even the strictest diets.

What is Endermologie?

Endermologie is the technology created and manufactured by French company LPG. It is the first FDA approved treatment and as admitted on TV, (Channel 5’s Doctor Doctor), ‘is still the best’. Endermologie – an advanced technique which we learnt directly from LPG in France. It is a special deep tissue mechanical massage which does not involve electrical currents or injections. The skin is gently and firmly manipulated via continuous action of the motorised rollers and gentle suction, allowing its deep mobilisation.

What it may improve?

Endermologie increases suppleness and tone of the skin, stimulates lymphatic drainage and blood flow, decreases the size of fat cells, whilst exfoliating the upper layer of the skin and diminishing muscular tension. Suitable for all ages, Endermologie is especially effective against the effects of time. The fact is that with time circulation disorders tend to get worse; cellulite’s “orange peel” appearance takes hold, and the skin become less firm.

By increasing local microcirculation, Endermologie improves skin appearance. The changes are produced in the areas most in need, without causing any decrease in volume in areas where such a decrease would not be desirable. The most important advantage of Endermologie is that it speeds up metabolism. This forces the body to evacuate metabolic waste naturally motivating you do drink more fluids. Endermologie is a natural and progressive technique for rapidly recovering the pre-baby figure. The result Is a slimmer, more contoured body and a smoother, firmer and toned skin. As an added advantage, this process produces a feeling of well-being; it is relaxing; there is no surgery or administration of chemical substances. It simply consists of restoring and activating a number of the organism’s and the skin’s natural functions.

How is it performed?

Endermologie is a FULL BODY treatment which differs from other treatments like Vera Smooth and Lipo-laser where only a particular part of the body is treated. For the session, which lasts around 45 - 50 minutes, at the rate 1-2 a week, the patient wears special body clothing to preserve their modesty. Endermologie works best on candidates who have healthy diet, drink water regularly and exercise and who are usually between the ages of 20 to 50. Those who do not regularly exercise will still see result but it won't be as advanced and those over 30 pounds (13.60 kg) overweight tend to benefit from the procedure but with little results. Beyond regular (but not excessive) exercise, drinking water on the day of procedures helps obtain a better result. Your body will be still responding to the treatment for at list 6 hours following the procedure therefore, if you go to GYM for a short session or do some fast walking with a dog you will boost your final result. We give our clients complimentary bottles of water to remind them drinking and advise to maintain this habit daily afterwards.

How many treatments do I need?

Those wishing to get the best usually combine for Endermologie and surgical liposuction. We usually recommend to buy a course of 15 treatments and have 5 treatments prior the surgery and the rest of the course 2-3 weeks following liposuction. The letter from you surgeon will be required. You may also have monthly treatments afterwards to maintain the smooth skin look.

Our clinic is friendly and welcoming. Our practitioners are qualified, have medical background and cosmetic surgery experience which gives you an added advantage in an appropriate approach to your particular needs.



  • Your result is our pride
  • We are trained in France by LPG
  • Have extensive experience and medical background
  • We provide an advanced technique
  • We offer weekend and late evening appointments
  • treatment will last 40-50 min depending on your size  

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